Today I would like to share with you all our latest and very exciting news! We are now the proud owners of our VERY first horse! Her name is Satin Savanah and she is a Curly Horse! Curly Horses are special horses for people with bad horse allergies, like my husband! Our daughter Hannah is really into horses and have been asking for a horse for a while now, but due to the severe allergies of Allan, we had been talking and waiting till she was at least 15 and able to care for the horse all on her own! Hannah is 13. Well . . . thanks to the type of horses we found searching through the Internet, she will no longer have to wait! Well . . . only 2 months now till until harvest is done and can take time to go pick her up in Sunnybrook, AB.

Here is my husband having the allergy test! He touched the horse, smell him, pet him, stand right beside him and NO REACTION whatsoever!! We were amazed! My daugheter Hannah had been watching these people's website for a while, and had her heart set on the filly on the top picture, Satin Savanah. She is a little over a year old now, and seems like a very nice and quite horse. We spend sometime with her while we were there and we were very impressed with her good disposition and good looks! ;)

On this picture you can see some of the VERY distintives and unique characteristics of this horses, like the very curly hair inside of the ears, curly manes and curly eyelashes! Aren't they pretty and cute? We love them!

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  1. Hi again! I'm so excited to visit this new blog and get to have an update on you lives. I'm so happy for Hannah and her new horse. I've never seen a horse with curly hair and mane. That's cute! I'm impressed with your card making talent, you are really good a it. I see you have been using those markers well!
    Talk to you soon! Say hello to everyone.

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