First of all let me tell you how THANKFUL we are for the beautiful weather we have had for the last few weeks, which has been perfect to get the harvest off the fields! We had a few problems with our tractor and it was not ready on time when the peas and lentils were, so we had to hired out one of our neighbours to do this for us, which was fine, the main thing was to be able to get the crop off on time! The yielding on this two fields was very good, so we are VERY thankful for that! Our wheat field on the other hand wasn't good at all! We will barely break even on that one! All is left to do now is the canola, but it will be at least another week until that one is ready to be harvested. Here is a few pictures I took when the lentils were being harvested. Enjoy!

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  1. Que rico! ya me estoy imaginando una sopita o un guisito bien a lo Colombiano!

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